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ALNEOS and Open-Source

The ALNEOS engineers use daily open-source software. To promote these tools, we make available free on our website some of our contributions.


Code_Aster ( is a finite element software under the GPL, developed by EDF R&D. It is distributed by EDF only as sources. 

ALNEOS builds binary versions of Code_Aster for different operating systems (Windows, Linux). We provide for free sequential versions of Code_Aster for Linux 64 bit.

If you are interested in the Windows 64 version, please contact us.

Code_Aster online is a new way to use Code_Aster: servers are outsourced over the Internet and the user pays only what really needed. We offer for free the image that we make available on Amazon EC2.

Salome and Salome-Meca

Salome-Meca live-usb is an image containing a Linux Ubuntu operating system and platform Salome-Meca, to install on a USB stick. The USB key can then be used as the operating system by booting directly on the key or virtualization using a Windows PC.

Salome OASIS-addons is a package containing developments by teams Necs and Alneos under the collaborative project FUI OASIS, in partnership with ArcelorMittal (description PDF).

Salome-Meca Linux 32 is a binary version of Salome-Meca used on all Linux i386 (32-bit).


Paraview (Parallel Visualization Application) is based on VTK for interactive visualization of large data software. The package Paraview-MED for free download on our website, you can import files in MED format in Paraview.


EFICAS is a file editor command syntax Code_Aster. It is distributed with Salome-Meca and Code_Aster so runs natively on Linux. We provide a free EFICAS package for Windows.

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