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Code_Aster for Linux 64


Code_Aster for Linux 64 is a package containing a sequential binary distribution of Code_Aster and all the tools and prerequisites for its use. This version was compiled with the Intel compiler suite and uses the math libraries (BLAS) multi-threaded Intel MKL. These libraries provide a parallel shared memory and can be used to accelerate processing using different cores of a machine. 


This binary was compiled on a Debian Etch, it works on any later distribution. Tested on Debian stable (squeeze), testing and unstable. Tested on Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid), 10.10 (natty), 11.04 (natty) and 12.04 (precise). Tested on Redhat RHEL 6.1. 


There are two modes of distribution: the .tar.bz2 file contains the software and all its pre-requisites and can be installed by a user without administrative rights (such as a / home); the deb file is a Debian package "trivial", that is to say, it installs the software and all its pre-requisites in the /opt/codeaster-201x.y directory (so you have administrative rights on the machine).

License : GPL.


  • Version .tar.bz2
    • Unzip the file in any directory
  • Version .deb (package "trivial" installing the software and all its pre-requisites in /opt/codeaster-201x.x)
    • needs xterm as pre-requisite
    • dpkg -i codeaster-201x.x-x_amd64.deb
    • software is installed in /opt/codeaster-2013.1
    • links are created in /usr/bin/as_run et /usr/bin/astk  (if they were not already created by another Code_Aster package)


  • .tar.bz2 Version: without codeaster-201x.y / bin / directory, run as_run mystudy.exportou well astk to open the GUI 
  • Deb Version: /opt/codeaster-201x.y/bin/as_run mystudy.export or astk 

Technical details 


  • The binaries were compiled on a Debian Etch and should work on all newer Linux distributions. 
  • This package contains all binary versions of Code_Aster not overridden by personal developments. If you want to change Code_Aster by integrating your application development, you need to download the package containing the sources at the site

Binaries have been validated by theexecution of test cases. 

To enable parallel BLAS Multi-threaded, you must change the line: export MKL_NUM_THREADS = 1 in the Stable / files and testing / If the parameter is commented, Code_Aster use all available cores and processors. If you want to set the value to a specific number N of hearts, putting export MKL_NUM_THREADS = N.



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