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EFICAS for Windows

The EFICAS package for Windows, available for download from our website, allows you to use the editor EFICAS under Windows environment. So you can write your files Code_Aster commands from your Windows workstation with the user documentation of Code_Aster available as a PDF directly from the publisher.


The command files created with Windows EFICAS be used with Linux or Windows Code_Aster version and with an online version (as our version Code_Aster in the Cloud).



Free LGPL.


  • EFICAS v6.4 for Code_Aster STA10.8 and STA11.3 (v2013.1) : work in progress...
  • EFICAS v6.4 for Code_Aster STA10.7 and STA11.2 (v2012.2) : follow this link


Unzip the zip file somewhere on the disk. 

start eficas.bat 

technical details :

EFICAS has been slightly modified to be compatible with Windows. 

Python, Qt4 and Sip directories were extracted from Salome-Windows.



You are here: Home Downloads Eficas Win32