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Paraview with MED support

Code_AsterParaview (Parallel Visualization Application) is based on VTK for interactive visualization of large data software.

The package Paraview-MED for free download on our website, you can import files in MED format in Paraview.

This plugin, originally developed for the purposes of visualization module PARAVIZ Salome, has simply been removed from the distribution of Salome to be used in a standalone Paraview.


Free LGPL. 



Unzip the file

Run paraview-med and open your MED file.

Technical details

The Linux package should work on all recent Linux 64 bits. Windows package was built on 32-bit Windows but also runs on Windows 64-bit (though with a limit of 2 GB of addressable memory).

All software included in the package (Python, MED, HDF, Qt, Paraview, etc.) were extracted from Salome, who ALNEOS fact that repackaging.

A paraview-med launcher script was written to set the environment at launch.



You are here: Home Downloads Paraview with MED