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Salome-Meca live-usb

Salome-Meca live-usb is an image containing a Linux Ubuntu operating system and platform Salome-Meca, to install on a USB stick. The USB key can then be used as the operating system by booting directly to the key (without changing the configuration of the computer), or virtualization using a Windows PC using VirtualBox software integrated with key.

The image contains :

  • Ubuntu 12.10 "The Quantal Quetzal" with Gnome/Unity
  • Salome-Meca (Salome + Code_Aster)

The picture is consistent with the persistence mode (changes to the system are kept at a next reboot, the user data are themselves also retained).



The image can be used freely.

USB key creation

To create your USB key Salome-Meca, you must provide a key to a size greater than or equal to 2 GB.

Image creation

The ISO image is a standard image with customized Ubuntu Salome-Meca. The procedure for creating the USB key is the same as for creating an official Ubuntu key. We can therefore use the software Pendrive Linux Universal USB Installer and consult the Ubuntu site : How to create a bootable USB stick from a pc : [Windows] - [Mac] - [Linux].

From a Windows pc, one can also use LinuxLive USB Creator.

Data persistence

Both programs allow you to set a persistent space key. This space will keep the changes to the system (software installation, modifications, etc.) as well as user data. See this excellent page of LinuxLive site  about this.

Please note that :

  • l'image système étant plus grosse qu'une image standard Ubuntu, la persistance n'est pas possible sur des clés de taille 2 Go
  • Persistence is not available in VirtualBox virtualization mode on Windows

Increasing the size of the persistent space

The persistent disk space being stored in a file on the Windows FAT32 partition of the key, it is limited to 4GB, even for keys with more free space. However, it is possible to create a key with a persistent upper space. The idea is not to create space for the continuing creation software (Universal USB Installer or LinuxLive USB Creator) but to create an additional partition afterwards called casper-rw on the key. This excellent tutorial on the Pendrive Linux Site describes the procedure.


There are two ways to use the key:

  • restart the machine by selecting the USB drive as bootable media
  • from a Windows session, insert the key into the computer, open the folder containing the files of the key, then go to the directory virtualbox, double-click VirtualBox.exe, increase video memory allocated (take the max) and start the image

You can find here the page describing the procedure.

Once in Ubuntu, click on the icon and type runSalomeMeca Home Dash.


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