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Salome OASIS addons

Salome-OASIS addons is a package containing developments by teams Necs and Alneos as part of a collaborative project FUI OASIS, in partnership with ArcelorMittal, en partenariat avec ArcelorMittal (PDF description).

The package contains :

  • GMSHPlugin, allowing the use of the mesh algorithms of Gmsh from Salome
  • Scilab integration in Salome, for using Scilab commands and functions from Salome, Salome a script, module or from a script supervision YACS

The package can be used directly in an installation of Salome-Meca 2012.2, without the need for recompilation.


  • v0.1 beta (04/02/2013) : GMSHPlugin V6_5_0p1 and Scilab 5.4.0 for Salome-Meca 2012.2 and Salome v6.5 : SALOME-MECA-2012.2-LGPL-OASIS-addon.tgz (66 Mo) [md5]
  • Sources are available upon request; the task for integration into Salome is being developed
  • Note: these developments are still in beta; any returns will be appreciated (there are features that are not yet operational, as submesh mixing several mesh generators, etc.)


LGPL. License


Unzip the file directly into an installation of Salome-Meca 2012.2 then go to the new OASIS directory that has been created and run the script to update the configuration:

cd SALOME-MECA-2012.2-LGPL/wget && tar xvfz SALOME-MECA-2012.2-LGPL-OASIS-addon.tgz && cd SALOME-MECA-2012.2-LGPL/OASIS/./

Start Salome-Meca as usual.

user@myhost:/home/user$ cd SALOME-MECA-2012.2-LGPL/OASIS/
user@myhost:/home/user/SALOME-MECA-2012.2-LGPL/OASIS$ ./


Usage of GMSHPlugin

GMSHPlugin is available directly from the SMESH module. It is an additional algorithm that appears at Mesh.

Using Scilab from Python console or Salome Salome script

Scilab is not a module, but an additional pre-requisites added to Salome. Python sciscipy module has also been added as pre-requisites to Salome and provides access from the Python console Salome, functions of Scilab.

Using Scilab from a YACS scheme

An example of use is available in the OASIS / tests / scilab directory.

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