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ALNEOS is a company specialized in engineering and computer science working in the field of structural mechanics.

Our experts assist you on issues with high added value technology, where their strong mechanical skills, computer science and applied mathematics allow to find innovative solutions, deployable and productive.


An alchemy based on an efficient heterogeneous mixture:

  • High-level experts with complementary profiles (associates, PhDs engineers with over10 years of experience in modelling studies, numerical analysis and development of Code_Aster and Salome )
  • Experienced staff
  • Computer science with high value added
  • Mechanical (support / research / developments)
Independent structure - Partnership with
  • Sharing of facilities, technical and human resources with NECS on the same stage offices
  • Collaborative work on industrial projects and R & D
  • Complementarityofferof serviceNECS+ALNEOS
You are here: Home Introduction