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Online computing service

ALNEOS offers a free online calculation service for studies Code_Aster and Nastran. Nastran studies use our converter Vega, so that Nastran files are converted into Code_Aster files before being run on our server using the Code_Aster solver.

Free online computing using Code_Aster
Online Nastran calculations


Free online computing

The free online computing service is intended to let you evaluate the possibilities of Code_Asteron the one hand, and an online computing service the other hand. The studies are limited to a reasonable size to enable a quality service for everyone on our evaluation machine. In addition, a batch manager is put in place to properly regulate the load from your studies.


"Premium" online computing

Our Premium package allows you to buy computing time from our servers, and executing unlimited studies. Furthermore, sending and receiving your studies files is greatly simplified by our study manager. It installs on your PC and operates, in a transparent way, by sending input data, executing the calculatio and recovering results.

You are here: Home Online computing