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All our research experience, research and development in science and mechanical analysis is capitalized in software adapted to the needs of our customers.


Code_Aster coaching


If you are already an user of a proprietary computing solution, we can support your transfer to the environment Code_Aster. We propose to evaluate the relevance of Code_Aster inone or more of your representative studies to offer a range of appropriate services.

All our experience and expertise in converting models from codes of business calculationsto Code_Aster is capitalized into our software platform VEGA . VEGA software can import studies of commercial codes (Nastran, Abaqus, Ansys, etc..) in an abstract language, and then export them to Code_Aster or other commercial code.

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Code_Aster STA10.3 Windows and Linux binaries


We build any stabilized version of Code_Aster under Linux and Windows, both 32 and 64 bits. These binaries are built using the best available compiling tools : INTEL commercial compilers and INTEL mathematical libraries MKL. These choices allow you to build binaries that are similar to Code_Aster versions built and qualified in-house in EDF, the Code_Aster creator. Binary versions of MPI parallel Code_Aster are also available on Windows and Linux, 32 and 64 bits. The binaries are therefore qualified by ALNEOS being the best choice of robustness and performance for a professional version of Code_Aster in your environment!

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Integration of Code_Aster in Altair Hypermesh ©

Hypermesh - Code_AsterAltair Hypermesh © ( eis an efficient finite element preprocessor , friendly and interactive, allowing to operate with most of finite element solvers on the market.

The Code_Aster plugin for Altair Hypermesh © developed by ALNEOS, allows you to use Hypermesh for pre-processing up and then use Code_Aster solver for the resolution.

With the plugin for Altair Hypermesh © , the user has the power and richness of the pre / post Altair and performance of the solver Altair.

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High Performance Computing and on demand computing


Our mechanical design activities and development needs require substantial computing power. We install your servers and configure your software calculations for a parallel use that is perfectly suited to your hardware and middleware blocks (compilers, parallel libraries and math).

To cope with peaks of activity, we give you access to externalized resources charged "on demand". We developed a tool to exploit externalized resources transparently .

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