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Code_Aster migration

If you are already a user of a business computing solution and want to evaluate the possibilities of Code_Aster in your area of activity, we support your approach: we take care to analyze your representative studies and convert them into the Code_Aster environment.

If you are interested in Code_Aster as solver but you want to keep your solution for pre / post-processing, our solution for conversion toCode_Aster (VEGA) integrates into your pre / post processing software to use the power of Code_Aster seamlessly.


If you are not yet a Code_Aster user and you are wondering about of the adequacy of Code_Aster to meet your needs, we put our expertise atyour service for effectuer complete benchmarks full education industrial studies:

  • by analyzing one or more of your representative studies
  • converting your studies from any commercial solver towards the Code_Aster environment
  • carrying out studies on our servers with Code_Aster
  • performance optimization: parallelism, solvers, calculation options, profiling
  • comparison of results from the commercial code: relevance and quality of the results, performance recommendations tailored to your problems

Our level of knowledge of Code_Aster in all fields of mechanics, both to the advanced use in the development and architecture of the code,allow us to provide comprehensive and high quality answers.


If you are using a computing solution business, we can assist your transfer to the environment Code_Aster :


  • Auditing your problems globally
  • Human Environment (team size, skill, use of subcontracting, etc.)
  • Computing environment and constraints in your company (in conjunction with your IT department)
  • Methodologies and tools in site
  • Analysis of your needs, why migrate to Code_Aster? (no licensing cost, possibility of integration of behavior laws, etc.)
  • Training and support your team of engineers
  • Training in the use and development of Code_Aster
  • Hotline All-included or Targeted
  • Assistance 


We can convert your studies from commercial code to Code_Aster (VEGA platform)


VEGA, a platform for converting studies into the Code_Aster environment



Our activity to support our clients to Code_Aster quickly led us to questionings and computing needs very close to each of our clients, even if the commercial software used by our clients were not the same. We soon found necessary to adopt a common methodology in understanding the needs and implementing solutions.

In addition, transforming a study from a commercial code (as, for example, Nastran) to the Code_Aster environment can not be reduced to a verbatim translation of the command file to the Aster language. Most of the time, studies of our clients are designed according to a logic for the resolution with the commercial code, often different from the logic Code_Aster. One example is the boundary conditions of type RBE3 (for Rigid Body Elements), whose use is extremely prevalent in codes like Nastran, Abaqus or Ansys, but that does not map directly to a given Code_Aster feature. To get the equivalent in Aster RBE3, it took a lot of reflection and validation (adding finite elements and degrees of freedom in the model, automating the Code_Aster data input, ...).

All our experience and expertise in the conversion of models is capitalized into our software platform VEGA. VEGA software can import studies of commercial codes (Nastran, Abaqus, Ansys, etc..) in an abstract language, a language-independent command of computer codes, defining in the easiest way a mechanical study (mesh, model, loads, materials, etc..). It is then easy to export the mechanical study in the formalism of Code_Aster (command file, mesh), or to generate input files for another commercial code.

The design object of VEGA, its structure and organization Agile (using Extreme Programming development methods), make it easy to integrate other languages (gnerated by other computing products or graphical applications), as needed by our customers. VEGA is therefore particularly suitable if you want to integrate a new software or computer code.

VEGA can be used either as:

  • an executable, which takes as arguments the command files and meshing of commercial code and generates the command files and meshes for Code_Aster
  • a library to integrate into another software (toolbox, graphical interface for pre / post processing, etc..) or to manipulate from Python or C++
  • as a Web Service : you upload your files, and Vega charges to convert them into the Code_Aster language, then running the calculation on our remote servers.


VEGA can also do the conversion of results from / to the format MED (Code_Aster) and to / from the format of the commercial code:


VEGA results conversion model




Hypermesh - Code_Aster

Altair Hypermesh ( is a powerful finite element preprocessor, friendly and interactive, allowing to operate with most finite element solvers on the market.

The  Code_Aster plugin for Altair Hypermesh developed by ALNEOS, allows the use of Hypermesh to set up: geometry, mesh, material specification, finite elements, constitutive laws, loads and uses the Code_Aster solver for resolution. After the calculation, Aster results are reimported into Hypersmesh.

With the Code_Aster plugin for Altair Hypermesh, the user has both the power and richness of Altair's pre / post and the performance of the Code_Aster solver.

Hypermesh -  Code_Aster

Since Code_Aster is not subject to a commercial license token, the choice for the plugin Code_Aster / Altair Hypermesh allows you to perform virtually unlimited pools of calculations while retaining a professional tool for pre / post performance!

The plugin Code_Aster for Altair Hypermesh makes use of our VEGA library. As shown in the graphic, the plugin generates a mechanical study in the VEGA own language and then uses VEGA itself to export to the Aster format.




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