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ALNEOS develops scientific software to meet the needs of its customers. These developments may be inside the codes (behavior laws, etc..) or outside the codes (tools, chaining / coupling).



This service includes our offer in developing scientific software around. Historically, competency focused more naturally to the open-source software Code_Aster and Salome, but experience allows today to do development on other scientific computing software. Thus, the ALNEOS engineers made for internal purposes or for the account of customers, software development: Miss 3D Europlexus, Castem. 
Our engineers have two skills development methods "Numerical Analysis" (Fortran, C) to adapt the architecture of computer codes and methods development orentiée "object" (Python, C ++). 
For our internal projects and for our customer projects, we use an internal organization and methods of Agile development.


 Our team of engineers, some of them are developers of Code_Aster since over 10 years, is able to perform any type of development inside and around Code_Aster:

* Code_Aster developments : constitutive laws, finite elementpost-processing options or any other part of the code;
* Code_Aster wrapping : data-entry GUIs, generation of parametric studies, calculation monitoring;
* Business tools : standalone GUI(Qt Pmw, Tk) or integrated with Salome-Meca;
* Analysis and 
code profiling to hunt down any irregularities or possible gain.



Our team regularly uses the Salome platform and has so gained strong experience in the advanced use of Salome.

We develop for you any type of Python scripts for the syntax Salome by :

  • Parameterizing geometries (GEOM)
  • Parameterizing meshes (SMESH)
  • Parameterizing a post-processing scenario (VISU)
Our engineers have fully mastered the advanced features of the platform and its derivation including Salome and its integration with Code_Aster (Salome-Meca).

The example presented demonstrates our scripting capabilities of the Salome geometry generation module (GEOM).


yacs0-300We realise your chained computations using the YACS supervisor of Salome

  • Development of Salome modules to include your own codes in Salome and make them accessible from YACS
  • Chained computations
  • Business tools based on Salome
  • Construction of dedicated Salome platforms , integrating your software

Some ALNEOS engineers are involved in the construction of the various platforms Salome-Meca, and their advanced use, since the first version, released in 2007. We are therefore able to learn you very quickly all the technical evolutions and the most innovative features of Salome.




Exemple  d'outil-métier en QtTo address a specific problem, we develop business tools.

In these computer software, the call to the mechanical solver is hidden from the user and a man-machine interface (GUI) for data entry is developed according to the customer's specifications. It may be a GUI for his workstation based on Qt windows or then a Web interface. Only certain parameters of the problem are exposed to the user:

  • Characteristics of materials (material parameters)
  • Loads cases
  • Geometric Dimensions

The business tool automatically generates a mechanical-study in the Vega language, our abstraction toolkit for mechanical studies (in which Vega will take care to generate of the study for the solver of your choice), or directly to the Code_Aster syntax.

Surface de réponsesWe can also make tools that are integrated into Salome. The advantage of this approach is to leverage the power of GEOM, SMESH and VISU Salome modules for the production of geometries and visualization of results.

Finally, a business tool can encapsulate in a user-transparent way a series of calculations, such as test plans, parametric studies or the recalibration of parameters. As always, a GUI is created for the client by exposing more than a few parameters. 
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