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Our concept of a study

pantheon_smallThrough its expertise, Alneos ensures the quality of studies and deadline respect. In addition to mastering the usage skill and a perfect knowledge of the tools used, we are particularly aware to the following points, which determine the success of studies, that is to say the decisions you can make based on numerical simulations we have realized:

  1. an understanding of the purpose of the study ("Why to do this study?") and issues related to this study ("What kinds of decisions will be taken from the simulations?"): These two points are crucial for the success of the process.
  2. a modeling tailored will be determined to find the right compromise necessitated by the study - for example, it is sometimes more appropriate to adopt a model a little rough, possibly later enhanced in a more refined modeling to be able to undertake studies of sensitivity rather that engaging into a cutting model , very costly and preventing in fact sensitivity studies.
  3. a special attention is paid to the quality of the resulting solution: substantiation of choice modeling, sensitivity to material parameters, smoothness of time discretization, refinement of spatial discretization (mesh): why getting a numerical solution if the we can not say if the reality is located in 1%, 10% or 100%? which decision maker will accept to rely on such simulations?
  4. our simulations outputs (design notes, post-processing images, videos) are subject to particular care (both for the specification based on your needs and for their achievement with us): we all know the importance of these elements for decisions to be taken on the basis of simulations (and therefore the importance of output elements)


Thermal studies

  • transient or static
  • linear or non-linear

Static Studies

  • elasticity
  • contact
  • plasticity
  • fracture mechanics

Dynamic Studies

  • modal calculation
  • transient dynamics


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